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Resources for Parents

Disability Scoop  —

Vermont HCRS —

DAIL (VT Department of Disabilities, Aging and Independent Living)–

MDS (Monadnock Developmental Services) —

Voc Rehab of Vermont — http://

Voc Rehab of New Hampshire — http://

Guide to Sleep disorders from — http://

Voc Rehab of Massachusetts — http://

Autism After 16 —

National Vaccine Information Center —

Staying Updated on Vaccinations in College —

Autism Speaks

Advocates for Autism of Massachusetts

The United Arc of Franklin & Hampshire Counties —

The United ARC
The mission of The Arc of Massachusetts is to enhance the lives of individuals who have intellectual and developmental disabilities and their families.

Asperger’s Association of New

Brain Balance Center of West Springfield       (413) 737-KIDS (5437)
The Brain Balance Program® is an individualized and comprehensive approach to helping children with neurobehavioral and learning difficulties surmount their unique challenges.

Community Resources for People with Autism
116 Pleasant Street, Easthampton, MA 01027    (413) 529-2428
Serving Western Massachusetts – Providing information, support groups, lending library, respite, family training, and advocacy

Friends of Ladders
A parent organization supporting the Clinical Program of the Lurie Family Autism Center/LADDERS General Hospital for Children

Autism Society of America

Special Education Unit, Department of Education  (Ages 3 through 5)
120 State Street
Montpelier, VT 05620-2501  Phone: 802-828-5115

Vermont Developmental Disabilities Council
103 South Main Street
Waterbury, VT 05671-0206  TTY: 802-241-2612

Disability Law Project
57 N. Main Street
Rutland, VT 05701  Phone: 800-769-7459 or 802-775-0021

Vermont Protection and Advocacy
15 E. State Street, #101
Montpelier, VT 05602     Phone: 802-229-1355 or in VT 800-834-7890

Division for Children with Special Health Needs
Department of Health

108 Cherry St
P.O. Box 70
Burlington, VT 05402   Phone: 802-863-7338

Vermont Family Network
600 Blair Park Road, Suite 240
Williston, Vermont 05495  Phone: 800-800-4005
VFN Autism Page

Various Autism Links and Resources

Helping Children with Autism Get a Good Sleep
Autism Resources for Families
College Accessibility for Students with Disabilities
Sesame Street Autism Resources for Parents
Reduce the Noise: Help Loved Ones with Sensory Overload Enjoy Shopping
CDC Autism Links and Resources
Operation Autism for Military Families
Academic Accommodation Resources
Temple Grandin’s Teaching Tips
Estate Planning for Parents of Kids with Autism
Talk About Curing Autism

Related Articles


How to Obtain Guardianship for Adults With Autism
This article from Fox News addresses some of the problems and roadblocks parents may encounter when an autistic child reaches the age of majority.
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Telling Children They Have Autism or Aspergers Syndrome
Here is a video from the Aspergers Society with tips on how to communicate to a child or loved one that they may have ASD.
Click here to see the video.

Asperger Syndrome Fact Sheet
AS is an autism spectrum disorder (ASD), one of a distinct group of neurological conditions characterized by a greater or lesser degree of impairment in language and communication skills, as well as repetitive or restrictive patterns of thought and behavior. This website, via the National Institute of Neurological Disorders and Stroke, delivers a wealth of information on the topic, including history, warning signs and research progress.
Click here to see the NINDS site.

Taking an ASD Child to the Dentist
This article hopes to make you aware of some of these challenges prior to your first visit, as well as provide some useful ways to deal with them. Included in this article are three main areas that are most often in need of attention:preparation, sensory issues and communication.
Click here to read the article from the Indiana Resource Center for Autism.

Autism Moms Have Stress Similar To Combat Soldiers
Recent research has shown elevated stress levels in mothers of adolescents with ASD. The levels of stress, fatgue and work interruption have been likened to that of combat soldiers. This very important article is a must-read for all involved families.
Click here to read the article on

Understanding Special Education and the IEP
This website supports advocacy for parents and caregivers of ASD children. Included are sections on: parents’ rights, the IEP process, support for parents and many others.
Click here to visit the website.

Emotionally Cut Off. Physically Strong. Sexually Aware. How Does a Mother Cope when Autistic Boys Grow up?
A British mother with two autistic sons poignantly shares her experiences as they enter adulthood. From The Daily Mail online edition.
Click here for the article.

Brain Scan Might Someday Spot Autism
A type of brain imaging that measures the circuitry of brain connections may someday be used to diagnose autism, new research suggests. From U. S. News & World Report HealthDay.
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For Autistic Teens, Handwriting Problems May Continue
Researchers from the Kennedy Krieger Institute revealed that like children with autism spectrum disorder, adolescents with ASD have poor handwriting quality and motor skill impairments. From
Click here for the article.

Dollars & Sense: Special-needs Children Require Special Financial Planning
While parents deal with the emotional and physical needs of their ASD children, they may not be planning for finances in the future. From the Savannah Morning News.
Click here for the article.

Autistic People Need Flexible Employers
Autistic adults in the workplace just don’t need jobs—they must have certain accommodations. Here’s what a Canadian group is doing about it. From the Toronto Star.
Click here for the article.

Teaching Tips for Children and Adults with Autism
Temple Grandin, Ph.D., is the most accomplished and well-known adult with autism in the world. Read her article on tips and techniques for teachers and parents. From
Click here for the article.

Ten Things Every Child with Autism Wishes You Knew
Award-winning author and parent Ellen Notbohm has written a wonderful article that defines the top ten characteristics of living with autism from the viewpoint of a child. From Child Autism Parent Cafe.
Click here for the article.

Language Delays Found in Siblings of Children with Autism
Siblings of children with autism have more frequent language delays and other subtle characteristics of the disorder than previously understood. From
Click here for article.

Children With Autism Improve Key Thinking Skills Over Time
Read the article from U. S. News and World Report. A very encouraging article for parents and staff.
Click here for article.

Tips for General-Education Teachers
Parents may want to distribute this helpful article targeted at general-education teachers
who may have Asperger’s Syndrome students in their classes. From Psychology Today.
Click here for article.

Video: What you should know about an IEP
This Autism Hangout Special Report addresses the importance of the Individual Education Plan
for children with Autism. From Autism Support Network.
Click here for article and video.

Food Allergens
Here is some valuable information on food allergens, sensitivities and substitutes
—especially pertaining to children with ASD. Courtesy of Autism at Home Series.
Click here for article.